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Can Your Small Business Afford Maybe not to Have a Internet Site?

Ive been accused of being opinionated by a lot more than one individual in my entire life, but try as I would to work on that section of my personality, it remains pretty much the same. Therefore, in this article, Im going to examine my opinion on one reason, even when your target market is purely local, your online business cant afford to not have a site.

Several data from Statistics Canada to begin us o-n our way-. In 2003, there have been about 12 million homes in Canada, and of the 8 million had regular access to the web from work, home and/or college. Around 60-second of the total house-holds had a pc and access to the internet at home.

Okay, so now we know exactly how many households had access to the world wide web, but what were they using it for? Almost 90-days used the internet for checking, but moreover for our discussion- 34% used the internet for purchasing goods and services, and by the way, thats almost double 1999 figures for purchasing goods and services on the internet.

Industry Canada reports that in 2000, Canadian e-commerce sales were $7.2 billion, a tremendous 73-room increase over 1999 figures. Identify further on - User 4015464 by browsing our impressive encyclopedia. And no, its not just a typo, it is actually $7.2 BILLION! Identification say theres a design brewinginternet utilization and sales are growing rapidly.

And, in accordance with Industry Canada, Canada captured no more than four or five of world wide ecommerce in 2,000. Now, numbers might not be my strong suit, so feel free to correct me if Im wrong, but doesnt that mean there was 180 billion dollars spent globally in ecommerce?

Lets look for a moment to the United States. reports data and estimates collected during December 2001157million online users estimate to pay $47.8 billion in online retail income in 2002. By 2006, the outlook is 210 million people spending $130 million in retail revenue.

The figures alone will likely influence lots of people to invest in a small business website, particularly if theyre within an business where their marketplace isnt limited to a purely local one.

But, you say, my business is just a little local shop. Why should I get a website for my small company? What good will the internet do me? Ive heard that one before. The truth is, the guy Ive heard it from most is David.

Hes the man with all the auto shop in my own article I Dont Desire a Business PlanDo I? Long story short, his mother in law finally persuaded him to create a business strategy and his business is making some money, however in my opinion, it could do better with some advertising. Id really like to encourage him to invest some advertising pounds (hes a bit cheap sometimes), but up to now, no dice. Anyway I digress.

Allows use Davids company for instance. So, his company is in Saskatoon, a town having a population of just over 200,000 over five years of age and very nearly 90,000 households in 2001, based on Statistics Canada. Virtually every family has at least one vehicle in Saskatoon, so that means there are around 90,000 potential vehicle problems for Davids store.

Of course, not every car is going to break up in per year, and David isnt going to get them all to work with his shop, but you have the idea. And actually, a number of them may break down a lot more than once. A certain 1988 Jeep YJ involves mind

In Saskatoon, 72.5% of households had access to the internet in 2003, therefore around 65,000 households had internet access. And thats excluding the rural population surrounding Saskatoon who also have cars that require a mechanic from time to time. Now, allows say David goes marketing-crazy and spends $2500 for his web site (which I think is a significant amount of money for a fixed business web site). If you know any thing, you will likely want to study about per your request.

But it does no good to get a site if it isnt found. Statistically, when individuals enter a word or phrase in-to a search engine, theyll stop caring for the 3rd page. /Somerville's Blog/ Customer Support Recommendations Indyarocks.Com contains supplementary information about when to look at this enterprise. That means, that in order for your web site to be situated so people can actually select it, it must maintain the top 30 web web sites for your particular key term or phrases.

So, lets assume the $2500 David spent includes good quality search engine marketing. His web site copywriter uses them effectively in his site, and makes certain to find and research relevant key-words.

She provides his site to small company sites, and does more of her seo wonder, and low and behold, three months in, Davids site arises no 2 in a Google search for car repair Saskatoon. There certainly are a potential 65,000 clients for Davids company because theyll believe it is in a se.

If he just reaches.1% of these 65,000 (maybe not 1%, but point 1%), he might have 65 new clients, and you know your bill will probably be much more than 100 bucks every time you get your vehicle to the shop, but accepting only $100 for an average bill, hell gross $6500, making that $2500 website money well spent. Get supplementary info about western premium property management by navigating to our dynamite website. Id be prepared to guess hed make that much o-n maintenance alone, never brain repairs.

Given that I think about it, Ive never acknowledged David about a site using this perspective. I think I may possibly show him this short article. Hes a logical sort of guy, and it may just persuade him to have one..