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LazyPressingBot maxes your base !

LazyPressing is a <a href="">Clash of Clans Bot</a> that will allow you to quickly max your base while you are away. This clash of clans bot uses BlueStacks Android emulator to play Clash of Clans from a computer. Statistics have shown that players using this Auto Farm Bot are making three times the amount of resources than the average player per day.

LazyPressingBot Clash of Clans Bot Configuration

Each and everyone of you have their over level and stages in their Clash of Clans account settings of LazyPressing users differ from each other according to specific goals and needs. LazyPressing has a configuration set in which you can chose from for the best optimal settings according to TownHall Level and Level of Troops. In addition you can configure your troops, request and donate, search settings for resources, and which bases to attack automatically with your choice of attack, and much more ! <a hef="">Clash of Clans Bot</a>

2M Gold + Elixir and 5K Dark Elixir per hour wit COC Bot hout boost ! The best <a href="">COC Bot</a> in the market.