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Our sister company, Eckhartz Press was founded in Chicago in 2011 by Rick Kaempfer and his long time collaborator and friend David Stern. The name “Eckhartz” is a tribute to the men that gave them their creative genes Kaempfer’s father Eckhard, and Stern’s father Fritz. Eckhartz Press is a boutique Chicago publishing company dedicated to serving the brave new 21st century publishing world the laughing “E” logo a constant reminder that life is too short – don’t ever lose your sense of humor.

After four years, twenty books published (including books written by Chicago celebrities John Records Landecker, Joel Daly and Rich King) and thousands of books sold, Rick and Dave decided that there was a dire need for a good reasonably priced resource for authors who needed guidance with the many facets of the publishing and self publishing.

That’s why Eckhartz Press now also offers our author services on an ala carte basis for non Eckhartz Press authors. Whether you’re someone who has a great story to tell, but doesn’t quite know how to shape it into a book, or someone who has a completed manuscript that needs editing, or cover or interior design help, or someone who needs help with marketing through e-campaigns, booking media interviews, coaching media appearances, press releases, social media, web design, or producing audio or video promotional material, Eckhartz Press can help. The publishing world is changing on a daily basis, and it’s easier and more cost effective than ever to self-publish a book. authorsolutions On the other hand, there are so many things that go into creating and selling a quality self-published book, and very few potential authors have the expertise to do all of them. Welcome to E Author Solutions.