7 Tips To Optimizing Your Battery Performance For RC Toys

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7 Tips To Optimizing Your Battery Performance For RC Toys
Battery technology seems to have taken a leaping step just recently, enabling electrical RC models to go places where once only nitrous design could go. Leading this development are the Lithium Polymer battery which have ended up being the basic power source for electrical powered rc helicopter, rc aircraft, rc car, rc boat, and practically every other kind of design. However, these batteries aren't precisely low-cost, and inappropriate operations will certainly have damaging impacts. Right here are seven ideas to maximize your battery efficiency.

1. Break In New Batteries
Not as huge a deal with newer Li-Po packs as it was when NiMh and NiCad batteries were kings, it is still advised that you totally charge the battery before first use. Completely releasing and charging batteries a couple of times before very first flight or will also provide your battery a bit additional life time and power.

2. Keep the pack clean
This is most likely one of the most overlooked elements of battery operations. It is a good concept to keep the battery pack clean, and this is particularly vital for the dean adapters.

3. Maintain the battery's health by constant workout
Leaving the battery inactive for a long period of time reduce its life and minimize its complete capacity. Once every one to two weeks, you ought to utilize your battery pack at least. Totally releasing then charging the pack will likewise subdue this problem.

4. Take breaks in between air travels
A fully charged li-po pack has adequate power for a 10-minute flight. To fly for ten minutes straight on one pack is not suggested. If you have 2 packs, it's finest to fly a 5 minute air travel, switch to a fresh pack, fly for another 5 minute, and afterwards change back to the old pack. Doing this will significantly increase the life-span on the battery.

5. Do not charge when hot
Never charge the battery pack while it is still hot. Battery pack becomes really hot right after an air travel; you have to wait till it cools off prior to charging it once again. Charging a still-hot pack is one of the most successful methods to shorten a battery's life.

6. Store them well
To store the battery for a prolonged duration (a month or more), the very best way to save them is in a clean, dry, cool location away from metal and heat. Keep in mind likewise that battery packs loose charge in time even without usage.

7. Stay clear of hard effect
Individual cells within a battery pack can be harmed upon heavy impact which might cause circuit leaks and can be alarmingly unpredictable. There is likewise no chance to fix a damaged cell. Attempt your best not to crash, but of course, we all already do.