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Welcome to RationalWikiWikiWikiWiki!
Hello, dear reader! And welcome to the looking-glass (it's more of a series of prisms) world of RationalWikiWikiWikiWiki, a wiki all about RationalWikiWikiWiki. Tell us how you found RationalWikiWikiWikiWiki !

Goals Goats Goals

RationalWikiWikiWiki was created by the RationalWiki user, Pi. By observing RationalWikiWikiWikians' behavior in their natural habitat, we aim to:

Identify anything happening dependent on anything happening at RationalWikiWiki[edit]

If you thought RationalWikiWiki was dead, RationalWikiWikiWiki will be downright depressing.

Observe conflict resolution procedures[edit]

RationalWikiWikiWiki's conflict resolution procedures are-well I'm sure Pi holds some sort of authority. That's something.

What is going on at RationalWikiWikiWiki?

  • We have a troll, and nobody is doing anything to stop it because nobody else is here.
  • We have our hundredth WIGO at RWWW!
  • RationalWikiWikiWiki has shit WIGOs.
  • RationalWikiWiki goes down for, like, a month, and those arses at RationalWikiWikiWiki don't even report it! The nerve...
  • RationalWikiWikiWiki has exploded along with RationalWikiWiki and RationalWiki. Victory goes to RationalWikiWikiWikisWiki.
  • Pi likes tongue twisters. Those bastards over at RationalWikiWiki are copying our sheer awesomeness!
  • They added a new one!!!!!!!!! (voting not set up)